“Assistance to relations between scientists and farmers “social union

The main mission of the social union is integration of scientists, the scientific and pedagogical experts working diversely of science, education with farmers which carries out their unity, and prepares joint activity in projects.

Tasks of the social union are:

1.To carry out the help of scientists and scientists to farmers.

2. To protect ecology, environment, flora and fauna of the Azerbaijan Republic. To carry out promotion in the ecological sphere, to carry out ecological education of the population of the republic.

3. To help to develop, strengthen and expand ecological tourism in Azerbaijan, to carry out promotion and to develop fact-finding works in this area, to develop and carry out actions for tourism development in Azerbaijan, for acquaintance of local and foreign tourists with fauna and flora to the republic.

4. To carry out communication between the farmers working diversely of agriculture, to prepare joint projects.

5. To provide the help to farmers for obtaining high-quality breeds of animals and grades of plants. To provide the help for a prepare of the business plan and the farm organization diversely.

The social union carries out communication with foreign state and the commercial organizations, prepares and carries out joint projects diversely, holds exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars, courses and other actions. Cooperates with the other organizations and municipality of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Has the right to create the branches and agencies in Azerbaijan, abroad and in any state.

Has the right to be a part of the foreign organizations, to create the different unions, to be the businessman in those directions which are specified in the charter.