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The pollution of the environment to a large extent caused the creation and increase of the different diseases among people in the modern period. The number of the different allergic diseases importantly increased in the recent years. The most of the old generation, and nearly 80% of the children suffer these or other allergic diseases.

Doctors  consider that the quail meat and eggs are the most valuable way against radioactive radiation and allergic.

     Quail egg is very valuable food that  have  medical properties. In its structure has a lot of vitamins and microelements but absolutely has no cholesterin. Demand is growing every year to quail eggs. According to the specialists information, demand for these eggs is  four times more. Quail meat  has great importance in treatment of heart, liver, lung, kidney, gastric but quail egg has great importance of  increasing of tone for men , in treatment  of  childlessness for women.

     Vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3, E in the structure of quail eggs are more than chicken eggs. Quail egg has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore it dries when it stays for a long time but doesn’t become demoralized. It is possible to keep it for thirty days at room temperature but in fridge till sixty days. These eggs treat the  chronic diseases, violation of the nervous system, heart diseases, twelve finger intestine and stomach ulcer, digestive disorders. Also it is used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, diabetics, tuberculosis, anemia. This treatment course is the amount of two hundred or two hundred fifty. Quail egg is more advisable for the patients who have allergy for the chicken eggs. Children with  skin exudative and neurodermitis have no cases of allergic. 

     Every person systematically should drink four or five quail eggs every day. It is recommended to drink a little luke warm water after that. Course period is advisable for three or four month. Children who use regularly quail egg are more apprehensive than their age mates, fall illnes less, and grow quickly.

     There is other therapeutic effects too. It strengthens the immunity and memory, removes radionuclides and heavy metals from the organism, reduces the amount of cholesterin in blood and regulates the exchange of cholesterin, prevents the violation of pregnancy , eliminates the toxicosis. Quail products not only are widely used in medicine, culinary but also in cosmetic industry in the  production of creams, shampoos and other products.

     If we want to see us and our relatives hale and healthy, let’s love these “gold” birds and use from their products a lot.